Sales Effectiveness Quadrant™
A Prescriptive assessment that turns Bottom performers 
into top performers
"We provide analysis and segmentation of your sellers based on characteristics that lead to pipline creation and closed deals."
- Ron Hollis | Sales Effectivness Consultant |
Uplevel Your Sellers
The Three-Step Process To Have Your Reps Start Achieving Quota
Define the Problem
Understand the overarching goal of the sales team and the problems holding you back from winning.
Assess the Team
Pull sales data for the sales team. Build sales effectiveness quadrant and gap analysis.
Action the Results
Review assessment results with gap analysis and deliver tactical operational strategy. 
"This is the kind of stuff I think about all the time."
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As an AI system for growth for the past 10+ years, we have collected trillions of cross-company data specific to sales. We have helped companies like T-Mobile, Caesars Entertainment, CenturyLink, and Infor outperform their sales goals by leveraging this data. 
The Sales Effectiveness Quadrant is designed by looking at your data and putting all of your sales reps into four categories: 
Underperformers, Deal Makers, Pipeline Builders, and Top Performers. 
How do you bridge the gap between successful salespeople and those not achieving their quota?
To help more reps and companies achieve their quota, we have developed the Sales Effectiveness Quadrant (SEQ). The SEQ helps sales leaders:
  •  A competitive segmentation of four types of sales professionals: Underperformers, Deal Makers, Pipeline Builders, and Top Performers.
  •  Sales representative's strengths and weaknesses
  •  Recommendations on how to make struggling sales reps into overachieving leaders
The SEQ will identify your organization's real quota and pipeline challenges
And provide data insights combining AI with cross-company data for real solutions
We have collected trillions (that's 12 zeros) 
of cross-company data, specific to salespeople.
If your company has a team responsible for maintaining a pipeline and a quota goal, the SEQ is designed for you.
example Key performance indicators to be measured and weighted
Our Goal
To deliver a plan that outlines how you can move 
your sales team up and to the right.
"I love seeing everything about the team in one central location"
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